Our Mission

Aish HaTorah

When 15 year-old Noach Weinberg’s father tragically passed away in 1945, his family was thrown into financial straits. Determined to help, young Noach dedicated his summers to peddling dry goods. As he traveled the country, he met many Jews who were proud to be Jewish but had little understanding of their faith. Realizing that these parents would be unable to meaningfully pass on their Jewish heritage to their children, Rav Noach dedicated himself to revitalizing the Jewish world through timeless Torah wisdom. Rav Noach started with five backpackers and founded Aish HaTorah opposite the Western Wall in 1974. With his beaming smile, sharp wit and abundant love, Jews looked to Rav Noach, discovering profound depth, beauty, and significance through a personal relationship with the Almighty. Before long, these newly inspired Jews were out in the world igniting other souls with the passion for Jewish life.

Rav Noach’s legacy lives on through the Aish campus in Jerusalem’s Old City, 35 branches worldwide, hundreds of missions to Israel, and vast online learning opportunities. Today, Rav Noach’s call to action is more urgent than ever. Aish HaTorah’s mission is to ignite Jewish passion and empower every Jew to embrace their heritage, thereby ensuring the vibrant continuity of the Jewish People. Aish Hatorah strives to show all Jews, regardless of background, that Judaism is meaningful. Our Jewish pride is based on a deep intellectual understanding of the Almighty’s continuous love, the Divine origin and purpose of the world, the appreciation of Torah as the ultimate source of timeless wisdom, and xperiencing first hand (because living is believing) the joy, beauty and genuine sense of fulfillment in modern life with Jewish ideals. We strongly focus on innovation and leadership development to constantly be at the cutting edge of the changing landscape, doing whatever it takes to make Judaism come alive, sparking passion through intellectual and experiential learning. At Aish, we do not base Jewish values on defensiveness, nor on guilt. We believe in going much deeper, down to the core and revealing the innate beauty of our glorious heritage and highlighting the depth of timeless Torah to inspire and make a long lasting impact.

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The Yeshivah

Aish HaTorah’s Yeshiva program offers highly motivated students the ideal environment to build the foundations for a successful Jewish life and bring out their full potential. Through serious Torah learning, character development, mastering Jewish Philosophy and cultivating genuine spirituality our students are empowered with the wisdom, tools and inspiration to live meaningful Jewish lives and make an impact on the world. Our students leave with the skills to be independent in Torah learning, a deep connection to their Torah heritage, the self-awareness to be great fathers and husbands and a clarity and satisfaction about their direction in life. Staying true to the principals upon with our founder, Rav Noach Weinberg, began with Aish HaTorah students deeply internalize their responsibility for their fellow Jewish brothers and sisters and strive to share the wisdom they have learnt with others and really make a difference to the world.

The Yeshiva is home to a number of programs, to cater for every Jew, from beginner to advanced, for a short trip or something longer. Click here to find the right program for you.