Be a part of something big

This year, over 150,000 people attended Aish World Center activities.

Aish Essentials

Drop-in classes open to the public or a 3-week immersive learning experience for men ages 20-30. Come out with an understanding of the most basic and fundamental concepts in Judaism. Learn about Jewish History, get answers to the big questions on Jewish belief and discover how Judaism’s message is as relevant today as ever before!


Hebrew Crash Course

Take your Hebrew to the next level, with our incredible, intensive and experiential ulpan program. In addition to Hebrew skills, you’ll also gain an appreciation for the beauty of the language and the deeper, spiritual significance of its makeup.


The best of both worlds: a high-level internship with a leading Israeli company in any chosen field and a deep and personal connection with some of the best spiritual leaders in the Jewish world. Gain invaluable industry experience whilst connecting to ancient Jewish wisdom, all in one summer.

Aish Ignite

Designed in conversation with campus mekarvim, this exciting two-week program will integrate diverse areas of yeshiva curriculum including our most popular and impactful Aish classes. Our goal is to give your students a new level of appreciation for the Torah and a strong connection to the power of a yeshiva education.


Our introductory yeshiva program for students who are looking to seriously explore the foundations of Judaism in a structured, supportive environment. Classes are comprehensive and hands on, designed to appeal to the broadest spectrum of young Jewish minds. FoundAISHons gives maximum personal guidance and attention to each student, directing their growth and empowering them to make Judaism relevant to their lives. Besides classes, discussions, and 1-on-1 learning, the program features regular group recreation time and shabbatonim.

Chessed Essentials

Combining powerful learning in the morning with experiential chesed projects in the afternoon, students will gain an authentic and powerful exposure to the excitement, challenge, and reward of Torah study, seeing its real-life application in meaningful activities that empower, educate, and inspire.

Yeshiva Crash Course

A one-month crash course for the beginner and intermediate level student that will focus on gemara skills, halacha, Chumash, and mussar.

Yeshiva Program

From our beginner’s gemara shiur to our flagship semicha program, the Aish HaTorah yeshiva is at its core a powerful and exciting beis midrash that empowers students of diverse skill levels to take their Jewish literacy to new heights. With personal attention, a range of course, and the Kotel adjacent, there’s nowhere better!

Aish Gesher

Aish Gesher is designed for post-high school students who are genuinely looking to spend a year growing in Judaism and seeking the complete and inspirational Israel experience with an emphasis on leadership development.