COST: $1,350/month, incl. room & board (subsidies available)
CONTACT: mileskj@aish.com

From our beginner’s gemara shiur to our flagship semicha program, the Aish HaTorah yeshiva is at its core a powerful and exciting beis midrash that empowers students of diverse skill levels to take their Jewish literacy to new heights. The morning hours are devoted to developing Talmudic skills, each level building systematically towards independence in learning and a profound personal connection to the Torah. Afternoon seder offers a range of classes on Jewish philosophy, and in-depth studies in the classic texts of mussar, halacha, and hashkafa. Intensive Talmud is available for more advanced levels. HaRav Yitzchak Berkovits gives biweekly vaadim to each shiur and a weekly address to the yeshiva. Each student is assigned a personal mashgiach with whom to consult regularly on all matters relevant to their growth in yeshiva and life in general.