Looking for the roadmap to your Jewish future?

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Why Aish?

Wide variety of classes

With classes on gemara and classic texts, as well as prayer, mysticism, halacha, and personal development, you’ll be getting the most well-rounded Torah-learning experience available.

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Range of levels

You won’t outgrow Aish in a few months. Class offerings at Aish range from total beginner to high-level learning which is on par with the world’s leading yeshivas.

Personal Guidance

Each student has a rabbi who acts as his personal mentor to help him navigate yeshiva and life. With the diversity at Aish, you’re bound to find a staff member who speaks your language.

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Customized schedule

Your path to growth in Judaism is as unique as you are - we don’t believe in a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach. We’ll work with you to build a schedule that will maximise your time.


Overlooking the Kotel, you'll be at the epicenter of all things Jewish, as well as a short 15-minute walk from the city center.

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The Enrollment Process

Some of the universities our students have attended

I knew I held certain conclusions, which I thought Judaism might challenge. I wanted clarity in these issues, so that I could live an intellectually honest life.

Yeshiva was clearly the place to find that.’’

Alex Vainer

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