Everything you need to know about:

The Beis Midrash Program

What is it?

A program that empowers students to explore Judaism and master independent learning of Torah texts. Students receive personal guidance from dedicated staff members, enabling them to chart their own unique, authentic Jewish path.

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How long is it?

2-3 months minimum.
Most students stay for six months to one year.


$1,600 per month, including room and board.*

*Many subsidies available

When can I start?

Students come more or less when it works for them. Get in touch to figure out the best time for you.

Nate Davenport

“The best thing about Aish is the complete growth mindset that every single person in the yeshiva has.”

Nate Davenport

Who is it for?

The Beis Midrash program is for Jewish men who:

  • Want to become more fluent in learning Torah texts independently
  • Want the opportunity to focus on personal development and growth
  • Want to integrate Jewish values and spiritual practices into their lives

The Beis Midrash program core curriculum features:



From absolute beginner gemara classes, up to mainstream-yeshiva level. Progress through the levels at your own pace.


Other Classes:

The fascinating world of Halacha, Chumash, Navi, Mussar, Hashkafa and Chassidus. All studied from classic and renowned sources.


Hebrew Ulpan:

Learn to speak, read, and write Hebrew from one of the most popular teachers at Aish.


Each group receives bi-weekly lectures on Jewish philosophy as well as a weekly address to the entire Yeshiva by the Rosh Yeshiva, Rav Yitzchak Berkovits.


Each student is assigned a personal mentor from among the staff to guide him on everything relevant to his growth in yeshiva and life in general.

We may be the People of the Book, but there’s a rich and vibrant world beyond the texts.

Here are some of the other experiences our students encounter.


Trips around Israel:

Once a month we go on a trip to popular destinations here in our Holy Land - places like Tzfat, beaches, biking and hiking trips.
Our overnights each summer and winter are always a highlight.


Thursday night ‘Tish’:

One of our rabbis leads a candlelit ‘tish’ with good food, singing and dancing each week. Talented students have put together a band to make it even more awesome. It’s become such a popular experience, dozens of students from other yeshivas squeeze in to get a taste of the fun!


gym on campus:

Aish houses an on-campus gym for use at minimal cost. Students often organize pick-up basketball and soccer games at courts in the Old City. Jerusalem also offers fully equipped gyms within walking distance.


One Shabbat each month is an ‘In-Shabbat’, when a selection of Aish rabbis and their families join the yeshiva. Staying for Shabbat in Jerusalem’s Old City is a uniquely powerful, uplifting, and altogether unforgettable experience.

For the other three Shabbats, students are encouraged to spend the meals at the homes of local families or staff, or they can travel to experience Shabbat in other cities.

The yeshiva can help place students with host families for these meals. Many of our students grow so close to these families, they stay in touch for years to come.


“Aish offers incredible variety and options beyond gemara. The inspiration and relevance of Jewish wisdom to my daily life is amazing.”

Natan Loyfman

Current Course Offerings

These are the current offerings for each scheduling time slot. Students are assisted in choosing the curriculum that fits their interests and goals. Prerequisites apply to some courses.

Timing Task
  • Jewish Prayer - R’ Dov Ber Cohen
  • Torah Fire - R' Shmuel Zucker
10:00AM-12:15PMTalmud [Five Levels]
  • Topics in Judaism - R’ Yitzchok Berkovits
  • Halacha [Three Levels]
  • Self Development - R’ Dov Ber Cohen
  • Chassidut - R’ Moshe Chaim Eade
  • Hebrew Level II - R’ Chaim Gogek
  • Rambam - R’ Yaakov Palatnick
  • Halacha Crash Course - R’ Avraham Elbaz
  • Hebrew Level 1 - R’ Chaim Gogek
  • Tanakh - R’ Moshe Leader
  • Talmud [Intermediate I & II / Advanced]
  • Chumash - R’ Moshe Leader
  • Rambam - R’ Asher Resnick
  • Talmud [Intermediate I & II / Advanced]
6PM-6:30PM1-on-1 Learning

Other Programs

Other programs on the Aish Jerusalem campus.


The Discovery Seminar

What is it? Over the course of a day, join us at a full day of fundamentals of Jewish philosophy, truly powerful classes on evidence for the Divine origin of the Torah.

Who is it for? Men. Women. Religious. Non-religious. Jewish. Non-Jewish. No application form necessary.

How long is it? One day - 9:45am - 5:00pm.

When is it? Contact us to find out when the next Discovery Seminar will be held.

Habla español?

For more information about our programs for Spanish speakers, contact yeshiva@aish.com