Everything you need to know about:

The Aish summer kollel

What is it?

The Aish Summer Kollel is a 5-week Summer learning program in Yeshivat Aish HaTorah for students between the ages 19 and 25, who are motivated to spend their summer learning, growing and having an impact. 

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How long is it?

5 Weeks


$1,600, including room, board, trips and all programming.*

*Many subsidies available

When is it?

June 19 - July 24, 2023

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Nate Davenport

“The best thing about Aish is the complete growth mindset that every single person in the yeshiva has.”

Nate Davenport

About the Program:

  • 2 sedarim of organized learning, iyun seder and bekius.
  • Professional leadership training
  • Hands-on kiruv and practical teaching experience with different Aish programs
  • Seminars in Jewish Philosophy and personal growth
  • Certification in Advanced Leadership Training from Aish HaTorah.



High-level learning


Weekly Lunch Q&A with different Senior Aish Rebbeim


Outreach Training & Experience - in both 1-on-1 and group settings


Weekly exclusive Vaadim with Rosh Yeshiva HaRav Yitzchak Berkovits Shlita


Trips, Programming and Special Shabbosim

Continue Growing. Learn to lead. Impact those around you.


One Shabbat each month is an ‘In-Shabbat’, when a selection of Aish rabbis and their families join the yeshiva. Staying for Shabbat in Jerusalem’s Old City is a uniquely powerful, uplifting, and altogether unforgettable experience.

For the other three Shabbats, students are encouraged to spend the meals at the homes of local families or staff, or they can travel to experience Shabbat in other cities.

The yeshiva can help place students with host families for these meals. Many of our students grow so close to these families, they stay in touch for years to come.


“Aish offers incredible variety and options beyond gemara. The inspiration and relevance of Jewish wisdom to my daily life is amazing.”

Natan Loyfman

Click "Summer Leadership Kollel" when selecting program

Daily Schedule

7:45AMShacharis & Breakfast
9:00AMGemara Iyun Seder
12:25PMLeadership Chaburas
2:30PMPhilosophy and Leadership Workshops (Learn & Train in classic Aish classes!)
3:45PMBekius Seder
6PMDRIVE Seminars (Variety of top Aish speakers)
8:30PM1 on 1’s with beginners
9:15PMMah Shelibo Chafetz / Chabura Preparation

Click "Summer Leadership Kollel" when selecting program