Everything you need to know about:

The Aish Ambassadors
Leadership Program

What is it?

Aish Ambassadors is a leadership program that educates and trains students to effectively represent Judaism, the Jewish People, and the State of Israel. Students will be inspired to make a difference to the Jewish community and empower them with the tools to do so.


How long is it?

Two 5-month semesters from September to January and January to June. 


Students work out a tuition package with the finance office and receive a monthly stipend between $250 - $400 per month.  

When can I start?

You can take either semester first, beginning in either September 2022 or January 2023

Nate Davenport

“The best thing about Aish is the complete growth mindset that every single person in the yeshiva has.”

Nate Davenport

Who is it for?

The Aish Ambassadors program is for Jewish men who:

  • Want to know how to advocate for Judaism and Israel to others.
  • Want to become more fluent in learning Torah texts independently
  • Want the opportunity to focus on personal development and growth
  • Want to integrate Jewish values and spiritual practices into their lives
  • Want to make an impact on the Jewish future
*This program is for students who will also be full time students in the Aish Yeshiva.

The Ambassadors Leadership program curriculum features:


Professional Training

  • Character development
  • Leadership skills
  • Public speaking & networking
  • Idea cultivation
  • Business management
  • Decision making
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Other Features

  • Mentorship opportunities
  • Learn from Aish's top educators
  • Learn Hebrew
  • Trips
  • Group shabbat experiences
  • Stipend

Hebrew Ulpan

Learn to speak, read, and write Hebrew from one of the most popular teachers at Aish.


Program includes seminars by world class instructors and industry leaders on Public speaking, management, How to answer tough questions about Judaism and Israel, How to create and teach a class. Ambassadors also receive special classes from the Rosh Yeshiva, Rav Yitzchok Berkovits  


Each student is assigned a personal mentor to guide him in his personal growth and life direction. Each Ambassador is also assigned a professional mentor that will guide him in leadership development 

Want to find out more? Email us at yeshiva@aish.com

Play a part in the Jewish people's future