Everything you need to know about:

The Sephardi Program

What is it?

A community of Sephardi young men exploring their heritage and discovering how Torah learning leads one to a successful life. 

Asher testimonial

“Aish helped me understand why I want to live a religious life. Knowing what we believe and why, is an essential foundation for any Jew in our time.”

Asher Ades

Deal, New Jersey

Who is it for?

Sephardi men from the ages of 20, who:

  • Want to become future leaders in the Sephardi world
  • Want the opportunity to focus on personal development and growth
  • Want to integrate Jewish values and spiritual practices into their lives
  • Want to learn Torah and connect to a healthier, empowered, successful life. 

Discover Yourself.

Discover your heritage.

Discover Torah Secrets to success in life.

Whether you're with us on a short trip or here for the full program, these are some of the incredible experiences you'll enjoy:


Sephardi Minyan:

Learn how to lead a Sephardi Minyan. Master traditional tunes and piyutim(songs). You'll also gain an understanding of the prayers that we say everyday and their deeper meaning.


Trips around Israel:

Once a month we go on a trip to popular destinations here in our Holy Land - places like Tzfat, beaches, biking and hiking trips.
Our overnights each summer and winter are always a highlight.


Sephardi Minhagim/Halacha:

Take a look into Sephardi Jewish texts. Learn about your heritage and dig deeper into why we do what we do. Meet Chachamim (Great Rabbis) and visit holy kevarim and Sephardi yeshivot. Join Selichot at the Kotel with 30,000+ others!


Thursday night ‘Tish’:

One of our rabbis leads a candlelit ‘tish’ with good food, singing and dancing each week. Talented students have put together a band to make it even more awesome. It’s become such a popular experience, dozens of students from other yeshivas squeeze in to get a taste of the fun!

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Jewish wisdom:

Hear about the Jewish perspective on money. Learn how to achieve success in life. Gain the knowledge to improve your relationships and the tools to build a solid Jewish home. Get a chance to study the basics of kabbalah. 


Alumni Network:

Join a growing network of Sephardi young professionals from all around the United States and beyond. Attend pre-holiday zoom shiurim (classes) to stay connected. Take part in alumni events.

Can't come for the full program? Find out more about our short trips:

Winter trip:

December 25-January 5 

10 day trip

Entry Level

Summer trip:


3 week trip

Entry/Intermediate Level

The Holiday Experience:

Last 2 weeks of selichot through Simchat Torah

Open to all!